California’s film and television industry is fighting for its survival. Film projects and jobs are being lured away from the Golden State by other states and nations that covet good paying, creative film jobs for their own. Filming is also important to small businesses throughout the state of California. Enough is enough! Get involved and make a difference, starting right in your own community.


Step One: Join Film Works

Become a Film Works supporter and join a growing network of entertainment industry professionals, small business owners, civic leaders and community members who support filming and job creation in California.

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Step Two: Get the 4-1-1

Promoting the civic, cultural, and economic benefits filming brings to California requires a firm grasp of the facts. Fortunately, we have a lot of what you’ll need to make the case.

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Step Three: Share Your Story

We’re calling on all Film Works supporters to share their stories about why local filming is important. Tell your colleagues, friends and neighbors why it’s important to you!